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39 out of 40 students surveyed at the end of the year said the program increased their level of interest in STEM.   32 out of 40 responded with "Yes, a lot"

33 out of 40 students responded "Yes, a lot" when asked whether this program made them "think STEM is fun"

32 out of 40 students claimed that this program made them "more interested in pursuing STEM as a career one day"

"The kids loved it, the teachers loved it, the parents loved it. It was such an integral part of our year. So worth it." 

- Dina Brewer   |   Principal at Sherwood Elementary

"This will be one of the things kids remember in 10 years, because they had a hands-on opportunity to experiment with tools they don't normally have access to." 

- Lora Wallenstein   |   Staff Development at Sherwood Elementary

It was so great for them to have the opportunity to work in groups, trying to problem solve, supporting and helping one another to accomplish the task at hand."

- Dwayne Williams   |   5th Grade Teacher at Sherwood Elementary

"I thought it was a fantastic program for the kids. I would highly recommend it to every school."

- Rama Morrison   |   3rd Grade Teacher at Sherwood Elementary

"They looked at our curriculum, knew what we wanted to accomplish, and were able supplement what we were already doing in a completely unique way that the teachers did not have to pick up and learn as well."

- Karen Clay   |   Principal at St. Philip the Apostle

"It really is more than just doing fun science experiments. There are a lot of real life tie-ins, and it weaves so well with the curriculum at the school."

- Takeesha Reece   |   Parent at Sherwood Elementary

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