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Environmental STEAM Education Programs

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Experiential Learning through interactive presentations, music, and games. Groups break out into engaging hands-on projects.



STEAM lessons designed for mem-morable experiences. Lesson Plans, Professional Development, and Support for educators


Special Family Nights, Community Fundraising Drives, and assistance for Schools and Organizations to receive Education Grants!

How can fresh nutritious food be grown efficiently indoors?

  • Grow microgreens from seed to vegetable and learn what plants really need to thrive.

  • Construct hydroponic systems to grow plants in an innovative energy efficient way.

  • Connect through the shared experience of nurturing a garden and eating fresh food together.

  • Harvest & sample healthy greens in a fun, nutritious, and delicious matching game.

Where do things come from, and where do they go after us?​​

  • Create a story that values everyone's unique and diverse perspective.

  • Explore the full life cycle of our things and the consequences on our environment.

  • Combine design and technology to create multimedia stories and solve recycling problems.

  • Learn the value and impacts of donating to others, and participate in a fundraising program that donates household goods.


How can magnets and electricity move us around the world?

  • Design and craft a city of the future powered entirely by clean energy.

  • Collaboratively construct an electromagnetic train.

  • Engineer real electric motors to show how they work and how they can be applied to transportation.

  • Build coin batteries to capture and measure energy.

In the Creativity Lab

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We also can custom design programs based on your needs and budget.

Bright Engineers

How can a star power a planet?

  • Solar in Action - build a photovoltaic bracelet, with an introduction to solar energy.

  • Measure Solar - See solar panels generate electricity and test production with devices.

  • Make a Battery - build one out of coins, showing how to capture and channel energy.

  • Build a Solar Car - Groups build a solar powered car and race them outside.


Which natural force fuels our bodies, minds, and energy grids?

  • Power of Breath - physical exercise demonstrating the primacy of breathing, and its role as human fuel.

  • Bubble Earth - demonstration of living in a bubble of air around the planet called the atmosphere.

  • Analyze Wind Data - Use awareness skills and measuring devices to determine wind speeds and the best site at the school for a wind turbine.

  • Construct a Wind Turbine - groups cooperatively construct an energy-generating Wind Turbine, and use it to power a celebration message.

ART OF Water

Why is water so important and unique, and how does it support life?

  • Water is Everywhere - Story that teaches the ubiquity and importance of water to life on Earth.

  • Sounds of Water - witness water's weird properties.

  • Waterways - water tables and bodies of water. 

  • Drinking Water - game to see how much water you should drink every day, and it's benefits to your body.

  • Watercolor Art - group arts and crafts activity showing sediment layers and water tables.

  • Song Writing - creative exercise with arranging lyrics and playing with a water soundboard.

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