Every Shirt has a Story...


Learn about the incredible journey of Herbert  -- from a seed in the dirt, through factories, traveling around the world to become a friendly T-Shirt. See the world through Herbert's eyes, and experience what happens to shirts if they are no longer cared for.


Now you can bring Herbert home with you!


This comfortable blue t-shirt is made of 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled plastic bottles! It is screen-printed using environmentally safe inks in Baltimore, Maryland.


10% of Proceeds go to your School! Just indicate your child's school, teacher, and grade when ordering to ensure delivery.


Herbert Story Book

Read and share the story of Herbert time and again with this full-color children's book in paperback. Add it to your order above, or order it separately here: Herbert Book.




If you are ordering through a school fundraiser, select 'To School.' If you want your shirt to be shipped to your home, select 'Ship to Home.' This adds $4 to your order for a shirt, or $5 for a shirt and a book. For volume purchases, or questions, please contact us.


Herbert the T-Shirt