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Grants for Green Schools

Elemental Education provides fun and interactive educational programming to Maryland Schools and Extended Care Programs.

Participants experience hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math) focused activities to explore environmental literacy and responsibility.  

Kids love it, Teachers love it, and Parents love it. Schools also benefit by fulfilling their Green School Certification.

Grants for Environmental Programs 


Elemental Education partners with the Education Foundation to provide grant funding opportunities for environmental programming at schools. 

We have helped over a dozen schools with this program, and look forward to helping many more!

We provide a pre-filled grant application for you, based on the learning outcomes of the programs you select. Then we help you complete and submit the application. Contact us to explore your options!

Gabe Bustos, Education Director and Co-Founder of Elemental Education, presents as an Energy Detective in this video about the 21st Century Enrichment Grants.

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Recipients of Elementary School Grants


Wellwood International - Cromwell Valley - Lutherville Lab - Perry Hall - Glyndon


 Wellwood International - Glyndon - Hillcrest

- Cromwell Valley


Wellwood International - Mechanicsville -


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