How can magnets and electricity move us around the world?

  • Design and craft Neutron City, a city of the future powered entirely by clean energy.

  • Collaboratively construct an electromagnetic train.

  • Engineer real electric motors to show how they work and how they can be applied to transportation.

  • Build coin batteries to capture and measure energy.

Students engage in a multidisciplinary program that fuses design and technology to imagine and create a sustainable city of the future.​​

Electric Motors

Build real spinning electric motors with super-magnets, copper wire, and batteries.

Electric Transportation

Students race their own electric motors as we explore methods of electric mobility.

Neutron City Design

Design and build the transportation and electricity of Neutron City, a smart city of the future!

Hyperloop Train

Build a working model of a Tesla Hyperloop and learn about the future of high-speed transportation.

Clean Energy Focus

Harness solar and battery technology to solve environmental pollution from fossil fuels.

Foot Traffic Exercise

Physical exercise game demonstrating public transportation, energy use, carpooling, and traffic.


Experiential Learning through interactive presentations, music, and games. Groups break out into engaging hands-on projects.


STEAM lessons designed for mem-morable classroom experiences. Plus Plans, Professional Development, and Support for Educators.


Special Family Nights, Community Fundraising Drives, and assistance for Schools and Organizations to receive Education Grants!