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classroom farmers

How can fresh nutritious food be grown efficiently indoors?

  • Grow microgreens from seed to vegetable and learn what plants really need to thrive.

  • Construct hydroponic systems to grow plants in an innovative energy efficient way.

  • Connect through the shared experience of nurturing a garden and eating fresh food together.

  • Harvest & sample healthy greens in a fun, nutritious, and delicious matching game.

Title 1 Funding Approved

The Classroom Farmers program has been certified by Maryland as eligible to receive funding from Title 1 -- the oldest and largest federally funded education program. Contact us to allocate your school's Title 1 funds to this program.

Students engage in a multidisciplinary program that fuses nutrition and technology.​​

​Plant Microgreens

Witness the power of seeds, by nurturing a garden to life. Grow various types of hydroponic microgreens, and explore the benefits of hydroponic technology.

Hydroponic Engineering

Students design and build their own hydroponic growing systems. Test and adjust for proper PH, and use sensors and monitoring to track growth.

Harvest Day 

Students harvest their microgreens and do a taste testing activity to explore flavor and nutrition.

Activities involve collaboration, problem-solving, and responsibility.

Microgreen Cooking

Students learn to cook using their microgreens to make pesto, hummus, and or a microgreen salad.

Healthy Eating

Ignite an interest in healthy eating through growing vegetables. Learn about the amazing nutritional impact of vegetables through a taste test game.

Food Miles

Students play a fun active game to clean up an ecosystem, to learn about pond life, and to properly sort waste into five categories.

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Experiential Learning through interactive presentations, music, and games. Groups break out into engaging hands-on projects.


STEAM lessons designed for mem-morable classroom experiences. Plus Plans, Professional Development, and Support for Educators.


Special Family Nights, Community Fundraising Drives, and assistance for Schools and Organizations to receive Education Grants!

Our Programs track with Core Subject Areas and the 21st Century Learning Outcomes

Fundamental Subjects: 


Health Literacy - Promote healthy eating and nutrition by growing and sharing vegetables.


Life Sciences - Grow vegetables and learn what plants need to survive in any condition.


Earth Sciences - Learn how climate conditions threaten traditional agriculture.


Engineering - Design and engineer hydroponic farming solutions to feed areas with fresh greens that traditional farming cannot.

Interdisciplinary Themes:

Global Awareness - Learn about the global food supply and food miles from transportation.

Environmental Literacy - Learn the considerable value of reducing food waste and connect with the process of food cultivation.



Life & Career Skills: 


Flexibility & Adaptability - incorporate feedback from growth metrics to adjust conditions.

Social & Cross-Cultural Skills - Students explore how micro greens can be used in a variety of cultural cuisines.

Productivity & Accountability - Students experience the accountability required to ensure a successful harvest in order to eat.

Presentation & Professionalism - Students practice public speaking while presenting their own hydroponic inventions to the group.

Information, Media & Technology Skills: 


Information Literacy - Measure and record quantitative and qualitative data about micro green growth and food supply.

ICT Literacy - Use technology solutions to grow food independent of climate, sunlight, and rain.

Learning & Innovation Skills: 

Creativity and Innovation - Design unique hydroponic solutions that excel in different growing environments, with limited resource inputs, and high efficiency.

Communication - Discuss flavor profiles, recipe ideas, and growing techniques as students share in eating their own self-grown food.

Collaboration - Students must work together to make sure their harvest grows and is prepared for the celebration.

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